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The big question, how much does a website cost? The real answer is it depends. If you are capable of learning and doing the basic edits and configuration on your own or not. For a website with just the essentials, all you would really have to pay for is the hosting plan capable of sustaining moderate website traffic, and the domain name with who is protection. This should run you no more than $150 a year, considering you make the website yourself.

However, if you are a busy business owner, or someone who just doesn’t have the time or patience to figure the technical part out, this is where the additional costs come in. The main concern for the cost of the website is how large and complex the website is going to be. If you need a simple, aesthetic, custom design website with only the essentials such as, the sections you need, SEO, website speed optimization, and accessibility test, then you can be looking somewhere between $1000 to $2000. However, if you are on a fixed budget, you can send us a message down below and explain the type of website you want along with the budget and we will give you an exclusive offer just for you!

For more complex websites there really is no set rule of thumb because the more complex a website is and the more features and customization that goes into it, the more time it takes. However, if you are looking for a moderately customized, large website, with advanced features, you should have $10,000 on hand to pay for upfront development costs. In addition, you should have money aside for a monthly maintenance plan and for premium plugins to support and maintain these advance features. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be spending the full $10,000 but it’s always safe to over budget than to not have enough funds.

In any case, every website is different and there is no way to set a specific price especially when every developer, agency, and freelancer charges different rates based on levels of experience and quality. Send us a message down below with the details of your website along with your budget and we will get back to you with a custom offer.

If you happen to need any of our services no matter where you are for instance if you need website design in Montreal, website design in Calgary, website design in Newfoundland, or website design where ever you are, feel free to contact us!

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